Unten suru is a special ability that appears in Hikari ochiru Soul Storm. It is used by Andre so that he can transform into a more powerful state using the aid of his different types of ki. This transformation was first learned during Andre’s training with Maki. The unten suru is a transformation that is activated when one's Positive and Negative ki is used in a certain way, the transformation can ascend to different forms known as Gears.


Gear 1Edit

The first stage of the Unten suru transformation is best known as gear 1 in the American version or stage 1 in Japan. This transformation makes use of Andre’s “positive” ki and it specializes in physical combat but causes his normal ki based attacks to be very weak meaning his Kasseiken won’t be able to seriously damage someone.

Gear 2Edit

The second stage of Andre’s Unten suru transformation, it is best known for its strong ki based moves and fast physical attacks however the physical attacks are weaker than his 1st gear transformation. This transformation uses Andre’s “negative” ki.

Gear 3Edit

The Unten suru 3rd gear is a new transformation that Andre first use in the second Soul Storm movie, this form is a combination of both the 1st and 2nd gear and balances out all of his abilities and specializes in retaliation and speed.

Negative GearEdit

The Unten suru negative gear(Anti gear in Japan) is a transformation that appeared during Andre’s first fight with Chi when she made fun of his strength and how nice and slow she was going to kill all his loved ones while beating on Aki in front of his face. This form transforms Andre into a vicious dark creature that specializes in almost everything except positive and normal ki based attacks although the only type of ki it is shown to use is negative and his awakening ki, this form combines both Andre’s negative and awakening ki and it takes over Andre both mentally and physically making him lose his sense of humanity. Andre's skin becomes ink black, his eyes glow yellow and he constantly emits Darkness from his arms and back in the form of misty black and violet wisps. The negative gear represents darkness that lingers within his soul.

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