Tifa Lockhart
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15(At Debut)16(present age)




Andre, Maki, Babe, Sora, Riku, Kyo and Saori




Tifa Lockhart is a female protagonist in Final Fantasy VII. She is Cloud's childhood friend from Nibelheim and a member of AVALANCHE. However, her personality is much more laid back and selfless in comparison, with a motherly streak concerning all her friends and her attitude to others. Tifa is quick to hide her true feelings from people, and her shyness is a key aspect of her character, and she is caring and loving to a fault. Tifa also owns a bar called 7th Heaven, located in Sector 7 of Midgar, which also serves as a hideout for AVALANCHE.

Personalilty Edit

Tifa is a very shy character, which is perhaps best displayed by her last name, Lockhart. Tifa doesn't express her feelings often, and she has trouble doing so. She has a strong motherly streak and helps take care of the other AVALANCHE members in her bar, and she also has no compunctions about using her strength to keep rambunctious patrons in line, if what other characters indicate is true. Tifa is also very caring and helps whenever she can.

Story Edit

Another world awaitsEdit

In the first part to the story Tifa runs into Andre in a forest when he was practicing his rasen-sora-Dageki, she asks him if he has seen someone with "curly hair and dark element power" he tells her he hasn't and she thanks him anyway and continues to search, she tells him her name and that she will always be close by if he needed her. She has gone on many missions with Andre and Babe though she didn't find the person "she's looking for" she waits the day to be transported back to the other world and see everyone again.