Sheena Fujibayashi


15(Hikari Falls Debut)






Skywarrior and guest star



Sheena Fujibayashi is one of the main protagonists in Tales of Symphonia. A beautiful girl from the flourishing world of Tethe'alla, Sheena is originally sent to Sylvarant by the Pope and the King of Tethe'alla with orders to assassinate Colette Brunel. Sheena is a skilled warrior from Mizuho, a hidden village of ninja. She is tough but kindhearted, and is always accompanied by Corrine, the only man-made Summon Spirit and Sheena's best friend. Because of her good looks and enormous breasts, Zelos Wilder loves to flirt with her; but she usually manages to set him straight, usually in a violent way. For a ninja, Sheena is something of a klutz, although not nearly as disastrously so as Colette; when the party first encounters her as an enemy at Ossa Trail, her enemy name is "Clumsy Assassin".

Personalilty Edit

Sheena is a very strong-willed person. In part owing to her ninja upbringing, she tends to act somewhat tomboyish most of the time, but she does possess a sweet side, which becomes more apparent as the story progresses; she unexpectedly shows an interest in the flowers in Zelos' mansion. She has little confidence in her ability to make important decisions, a flaw that was considerably deepened since the disaster with Volt. She dislikes having to be rescued, preferring to rely on her tough facade instead. Although Sheena prides herself at being native to Mizuho, she was actually an orphan found in the Gaoracchia Forest as a baby. Because of this, there is no way of knowing why she has the ability to make pacts with Summon Spirits. She reveals to Lloyd in Flanoir that she is a quarter part elf, and because of this, she felt the people in Mizuho began to treat her differently after it was discovered she had summoning powers.

Role in Hikari Fall Edit

During Andre's training she is the first person he goes with on his first mission ordered by Maki.She teaches him about his energy control and how to use it properly. Together the two go on Various missions and have become good friends. She will appear in future episodes.

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