Note: This section is discussing the differences between the Japanese and American version of Hikari ochiru.


Soul StormEdit

  • The sexual content is removed from the English version but was kept in the Japanese version.
  • During the battle against Chi Aqua admitted to Andre that she liked him before passing out, in the English version she simply tells him that she wanted to protect him. Many fans prefer the Japanese version since Andre and Aqua has been claimed the best pairing in the series.
  • In the Japanese version it is more apparent that Denvor has a crush on Nel.
  • Miu develops a romantic interest in Andre during the filler ARC as easily seen in the Japanese version since she constantly calls Andre "baby" or "honey" whenever she sees him where as in the English version she's just happy to see him. Although she probably still has an interest in him but doesn't show it as much as she does in the Japanese version.

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