Hikari ochiru II:fainaru mikkusu

Release date

JP 2010

Hikari ochiru II: Fainaru mikkusu is the Japanese only version of Hikari ochiru II the difference is that it contains extra content with alternate enemies, the storyline remains the same except with more scenes and more depth so that the readers can get a better understanding of the story(such as how Andre and Ari can wield a keyblade) It also features additional worlds and characters such as Lightning and Hope from the new Final fantasy XIII.

Storyline changesEdit

  • New cutscenes based from the Hikari ochiru II original manga script were added Some involving Ari, including scenes of him conversing with Xion in Twilight Town while wearing the Organization's signature black robes. There are also additional scenes of Ari and Denvor, including shots of their second battle, where Denvor turns into his sealed darkness and nearly destroys himself.
  • A battle between Andre and Ari in Andre's "Awakening".
  • Denvor has a conversation with his dad, where he tells Denvor that "the one he has chosen will be born 2 years later" referring to Andre.
  • In a scene Aqua and Aki were walking with each other and Aqua admits her love for Andre with Aki not saying anything except wishing her the best.

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