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September 5th 2010


Andre Boston(Head), Denvor Grant(second in command), Khalil Atkins, Babe Osis, Daisuke Kimura(commonly known as D), Demitrius and Anthony.

Hikari Team is a American team who are known for their work Hikari Ochiru, created by Andre, which has a high fan base and is known as one of the best fic's in Japan.


Hikari falls: The original series of the Hikari series but was later remade as Hikari Ochiru.

Hikari Ochiru: Hikari ochiru was the remake of the original Hikari falls series but it was later remastered as Hikari Ochiru: Soul Storm. The story can be read on a couple of sites in the Japanese areas but can only be found on fictionesque in the U.S area's.

Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm: So far is the main of the series and most popular of the series. Soul Storm is the polished version of the popular Hikari Ochiru and is the best known in the series.


Hikari OchiruEdit

Hikari ochiru the movie is the first Hikari ochiru movie, based on the popular series.

Hikari ochiru the movie II is the second movie of the series that was set around Andre, Amaru, Sora, Denvor and a original character Akina.

Hikari ochiru the movie III is the third and final movie of the Hikari ochiru series. The focused around Andre and a young boy named Kei who wanted to be Andre's student and together the two take on the villain professor Kotaku.

Soul StormEdit

Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm movie: This is the first movie in the Soul Storm ERA. It takes a few days after Andre and the others visit to Karakura Town.

Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm movie 2: Hikari ochiru Soul Storm movie 2: The battle of 1000 Arrancar(in Japan Hikari ochiru Soul Storm the movie II: The phantom ruins of the Soul Society! Resurrection of the Espada and is the second movie of the Hikari ochiru Soul Storm series the movie and focuses on Nelliel and the revived members of the Espada.

Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm movie 3: Hikari ochiru movie 3 is the third movie in the Soul Storm series and centers around the Android who made it's debut in the first movie as the villain. It also has a remake that features Andre and Denvor instead of Babe.

Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm movie 4: Hikari ochiru Soul Storm movie 4 is an upcoming movie that will take place in between episodes 45 and 46 of season 2 of the Soul Storm series.

Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm movie 5: Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm the movie 5(In Japan known as project 5) is the latest and said to be the "final" Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm movie and will take place before episode 110 of season 2.

Other seriesEdit

Relentless Dusk: is an original story made by Denvor, the only website it's posted on is fictionesque. There hasn't been any updates on episodes or any information of continuing the series.

Flow of the wind: Flow of the wind is another story created by Denvor and is a Air Gear fan fic but no episodes were ever posted, the series was probably cancelled.

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