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Hikari ochiru Soul Storm movie 5

Release date

NA January 4th 2011

JP 2011

Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm the movie 5(In Japan known as project 5: Hikari Ochiru) is the latest and said to be the "final" Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm movie and will take place before episode 110 of season 2.


Havoc is back and this time with brand new powers and abilities! It is true Havoc perished in the fight between Goku, Andre, Aiken but he is revived with the power of science and is created to serve his creator, Kahiko, who is a criminal mastermind bent on ruling the Polaris galaxy with an army of super soldier's to do his biding.

Eri and Denvor are assigned to a mission in the shadow sector of the galaxy and are ordered to arrest anyone that is caught doing any illegal activities, finding this to be the chance to experience a real mission Aiken and Cece sneak aboard Denvor's ship and tag along with the two. They soon find out the missions more than what it seems as they've come across the deadly soldier reborn and unleashed onto the planet with new abilities and powers. With Kahiko's evilly thought out plans and Havoc's devastating strength the Polaris galaxy's in for a real rude awakening unless Aiken, Cece, Eri and Denvor can take on this evil force and save the galaxy from possible obliteration, the day of reckoning is at hand.



Hikari Ochiru Soul Storm movie 5 has received mostly positive reviews from it's critics, the movie has received a total score 35 out of 40. The first Havoc movie was strong and entertaining, the second movie was pretty good but not as good as the first and the final was placed under the second, though it was good it wasn't as good as the first and second stated many. Both the second and third movie consisted of Aiken and Cece who tend to be the weakest of the main cast. When a Hikari ochiru movie lacks both Andre and Denvor together they seem to be missing the heart and backbone of the series, which diminishes the enjoyment greatly (which was shown in the original version of the third movie having Babe as the hero) however Aiken and Cece have changed that.

Human&Character protagonistEdit


  • Havoc


  • This is the first movie where Andre wasn't involved although he makes an appearance at the end of the movie as well as being mentioned by Denvor.
  • This movie has given Aiken and Cece positive feedback on their characters. Fans called them "lively" and "funny".

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