Andre:Uh!! What? Where?... I’m dreaming again? What’s with these dreams?

(the next day, Andre, Aki and Babe are seen walking down the in the grass in Fairmount park)

Babe:so dre how’s it feel to be a freeman and finally smell fresh air?

Andre:Babe it’s so cold out here, what the hell is up with you?

Babe:I dunno, dre let’s go to your house and play brawl.

Aki:Babe, must we play brawl every single day we’re together?



Andre:ya’ll retarded.

Aki:can we just go home it’s too damn cold to be out here.


Babe:ya’ll never want to spend quality time together.

Aki:not every freaking day Babe!

Babe:*sigh* man today’s turning out to be a drag.

Andre:hey have you guys been having weird dreams lately?



Babe:yeah man, Andre, Aki, it was a nightmare man.

Andre:what was it about? did it have a woman in it?

Babe:naw, I dreamt I wasn’t fine no more.

Andre:UGH!! You idiot! I’m out, see ya’ll later.

Aki:hey Andre I’m going you’re way.

Babe:ard piece ya’ll.


Aki:…y’know, Babe changed.

Andre:he’s still the same annoying guy to me.

Aki:heh, that’s not what I mean though.*sigh*

Andre:you ok?

Aki:if the three of us split up, do you think we’ll ever find each other again?

Andre:yeah, of course.

Aki:…I hope so.

Andre:where’d that come from all of a sudden?

Aki:I just gotta feeling.


Aki: Andre please I don’t want you to change, I hope this feeling goes away soon.

To Be Continued

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