(It’s been months since Andre has met Andre met Terra, Ven and Aqua and throughout the days, Terra, Aqua and Ven have set out to learn the ways of the keyblade and has therefore set out to find Eraqus a keyblade master to teach the three young keyblade wielders of the keyblade and train them in the way of chivalry. Sometime during these events darkness have struck their land and mysterious creatures known as unbirths attack as well, during this invasion Andre gets lost in the darkness and gets separated from his friends he later winds up in a big city known as Philadelphia where he spent the rest of his days and there he meets Babe and later a girl named Aki, who moves to Philadelphia with her mother and the three become close friends, it’s been years since the land of departure was enveloped in darkness)

Andre:Hm, uh, huh? I’m…I’m dreaming…I wonder if they’re ok?

(Andre heads upstairs to go to the bathroom, he heads back downstairs and gets back in bed until his phone rings and he picks it up)

Andre:hello? Oh Babe what’s up?...sleeping.. man it just turned 9:00, I do come outside I just don’t feel like it now a days. Well how am I gonna know who I am? Ok…ok OK FINE GOD DAMN. Ard I’m coming now. (he hangs up the phone and gets up to go up stairs to brush his teeth and wash his face after the he heads outside)

Babe:it’s about time you got here.

Aki:cut him a break Babe.

Andre:thank you Aki.

Aki:even if he is a lazy good for nothing.

Andre:…gee thanks that makes me feel a lot better.

Aki:it’s not suppose to.

Andre:ya’ll make me sick, so what do ya’ll want?

Babe:we going to the rock.

Andre:*sigh* it’s too damn cold for all that Babe.

Babe:….ok, then what do you wanna do.

Andre:go back to sleep.

Aki:don’t you wanna spend time with us?

Andre:Er…no, not really.

Babe:*sigh* come on Aki let’s just go to your house and play brawl.

Andre:thank you Jesus.

(Andre goes back upstairs and goes back to sleep)

Andre:…uh, huh?

(Andre is shown laying on the ground in a unknown location and wanders around abit until he finds a woman looking at the moon in a grassy field, he approaches her)

Andre:hey…are you ok?

…heh, it’s almost like yesterday I was holding you in my arms.


my precise boy, how I just miss you so much. I wish I could be there with you.


(she stands up and walks past Andre and smiles)

you will one day return to this world and take your role to protect Earth.

(she turns to look at Andre but a light flashes)

To Be Continued

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