(Later somewhere in the land of departure Aqua brings Andre to their hangout spot)

Andre:where are we?

Aqua:our hang out spot.

Ven:hey Andre what took so long?

Andre:well I was confused as to what you guys were doing.


Andre:well Aqua said you guys like to “play”.

Ven:wait, you don’t know what playing is?

Andre:….not really.



Terra:well, just sit down and enjoy the view.

(Andre sits down)

Andre:wow, this place is huge.

Aqua:like it?

Andre:yeah, this place is incredible.

Ven:hey Andre how old you say you were again?


Terra:HA! still the oldest, I’m five.



Andre:you’re the youngest.

Ven:fraid so.

Aqua:hey, we’re the same age Andre.

Andre:huh? Oh yeah we are huh?

Aqua:yeah. One thing we have in common.


Terra:you know this is the start of a long and healthy friendship.


Ven:you’re just thinking that?


Terra:Andre, you’re joking right? Yeah we’re friends we all are.

Andre:what is a friend?

Terra:…how could I put it. Well friends are people who have a good time together like we’re doing now and just hang out and talk.

Andre:oh. Ok I think I understand.

Ven:heh, you really are helpless. We’ll be together for a very longtime.

(they all look out into the land)

To Be Continued

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