(Ven falls to the ground)

Terra:*panting* see? I told you.

Andre:t-that was amazing Terra.

Ven:that just proves it, Terra’s just better than us.

(Aqua, Terra and Ven walk over to Andre)

Andre:*sniff* you guys smell bad.

(Ven smells himself)

Ven:eh, we were working pretty hard.

(Terra smells himself)

Terra:the smell of victory.

(Aqua smells herself)

Aqua:Oohh! This is so embarrassing. After we get cleaned up let’s go out.

Ven:of course, but we can’t be out to late, my mom’s going to snap.

(After the three got cleaned up Terra, Aqua and Ven head toward their hangout spot)

Aqua:hey guys where’s Andre?

Ven:Uh, maybe he’s still at the training grounds.

Aqua:I’ll go get him, you guys go ahead.

Ven and Terra:ok.

(Aqua makes her way to the training ground)


Aqua:Andre c’mon

Andre:but where are you going?

Aqua:out to play or something.


(she grabs his hand)

Aqua:come on out with us.

Andre:uh, ok.

Aqua:Heh, it’s almost like I’m an older sister looking out for you.

To Be Continued