(hours later)

Eraqus:Now we will continue with the basics of fighting, Terra I want you to go up against Ven.

(Andre and Aqua sit as they watch the two spare with wooden swords)


Aqua:what is it?

Andre:what are they doing?

Aqua:Martial arts.

Andre:Hm, what’s it for?

Eraqus:self defense.

(Terra strikes at Ven and makes him fall to his knees and drop the sword)

Ven:RRrr No matter how hard I try,still can't beat you.


Eraqus:ok, Andre get in there with Terra.

Andre:uh ok.

(Ven walks pass and hands him the wooden sword)



Terra:let's go.


(Terra hits Andre on the head and Andre falls to the ground)


Terra:*sigh* that was too easy.

Aqua:hey a broken record.

Eraqus:ehh, Andre looks like you lack the ability to defend yourself, man I might have to give you personal training.


Eraqus:ok Terra take a break, I wan Ven with Aqua.

Terra:come on Sensei I can take them both on at once.

Eraqus:What an interesting development Terra do you think you can? Terra:I think I can manage.

Eraqus:alright, Aqua, Ven get in there.



(Ven and Aqua go off to fight Terra as Andre watches)

To Be Continued

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