(the next morning Babe walks to the throne room of Soskue’s palace)

Soskue:good morning Babe.

Babe:hey Soskue I know you’re expecting me to stay around here to train but I came to tell you I’m going off to train myself.

Soskue:yourself? Why?

Babe:…everyone I loved and lost is out there somewhere and I don’t want to rely on someone else to give me strength I want to go off on my own so I can make myself stronger and discover my own hidden potential.

Soskue:Babe this is an incredible feet for someone like you are you really sure this is what you want?


Soskue:…well I won’t stop you from doing what you have to do Babe and let me tell you, you really are one the one’s chosen to help protect Earth I can feel it in you and you can do it.

Babe:thank you Soskue I’ll do my best and don’t worry I’ll return.

Soskue:I know you will.

(that night Babe walks down a road where he runs into Denvor who’s been waiting for him)

Babe:…what are you making me choose now?

Denvor:your final path.

Babe:…what are my options?

Denvor:the path to light.

(to the right)

Denvor:or the path of darkness.

(to the left)

Denvor:choose wisely.

Babe:light and darkness huh?


Babe:tell you what I’ll take nether both of them are overrated, I’ll take this middle road here.

Denvor:the road to nothingness? How will you make yourself stronger from that?

Babe:I make my own paths to take so I can make myself stronger. It isn’t the road to light nor darkness, it’s the road to the twilight.

(Babe walks off down the middle road)

Denvor:Heh he is a wonder no doubt, guess I’d better go check up on Maki and tell him what’s going on.

(Denvor looks back at the middle road to see no sign of Babe)


(he then looks forward and walks away from the crossroads heading toward the Sky kingdom)

To Be Continued

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