Babe:So this place is what keeps our world together?

Soskue:precisely and we need you to help us Babe you are of ancient decent chosen to help save the world from anything that can harm it.

Babe:…look I really would like to help but I have to find my friends first.

Soskue:they’re here but you won’t find them.

Babe:why not?

Soskue:you just got here and I doubt you know your way around this huge place.

Babe:yeah, your right.

Soskue:right now you should stay and train and with your new abilities your sure to find them no problem.



Babe:ok why not? I’ll help you guys.


Babe:first things first, where am I going to stay?

Soskue:in the palace, you’ll have everything you need your room is up this hall and the first door to the left.

Babe:ok thank you.

(Babe walks up the hall and goes inside his room)

Soskue:One of the chosen huh? Well this should be interesting.

Babe:Aahh this place isn’t so bad.

Young boy:well you’ve arrived huh?


Young boy:I hope your happy with your pick.

Babe:I know that voice you were the one talking to me in the world of nothingness telling me to sleep.

Denvor:well aren’t you the smart one? We haven’t been introduced have we? My name is Denvor pleasure to meet you Babe.

Babe:what do you want?

Denvor:…nothing really you know your friend Aki is in danger.


Denvor:at mercy of Chi and her rebellion.

Babe:what are you talking about where is she?

Denvor:why? It’s not like you can protect her.

Babe:oh yeah? I’m going to get out there and rescue her myself!

Denvor:a meaningless effort.


(wind blows and it catches Babe’s attention he looks over toward the room window and looks back to notice Denvor’s gone)

To Be Continued

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