Andre:UGH!! You idiot! I’m out, see ya’ll later.

Aki:hey Andre I’m going you’re way.

Babe:ard piece ya’ll.

(Babe along with Aki and Andre goes home and he gets on his computer to watch some videos)

Babe:…*sigh* I gotta get some new hangout partners Andre and Aki got agoraphobia, just never want to come outside. Huh?

(Babe hears the sound of thunder hitting the ground and people shouting he runs to the door to see a giant vortex of darkness headed his way, he runs out of the house and runs along with the crowd of people he runs past a human sized mirror where a portal opens up and beings sucking him)

Babe:Ugh!! What the hell somebody help! HEL-

(The portal completely envelopes him he is shown unconsciously floating in nothingness)

Babe:…uh, w-where am I?

-Stay asleep-

Babe:W-who’s there!?

-you should remain asleep right now your inbetween light and darkness-

Babe:What? W-wait! Where’s everybody? Am I dead? There was a huge vortex thing and after that I-

-you came here drifting alone, you didn’t have the strength to protect yourself from the darkness-


-you belong to the darkness, turn away from the light-

Babe:I don’t belong to darkness.

-here warmed by darkness, sleep is safe. Sleep is eternal but still-

(a small light flashes and the image of a world appears)

Babe:what’s that? Is that Earth?

-it is a door to the truth, take it and your sleep ends as you take the first step toward the truth. But you must know one thing, this truth will bring you pain and hurt the ones you hold dear. Will you still go?-


-there will be no return to the safety of sleep-


(Babe reaches out and grips the small image of the world)

Babe:this place just isn’t my style I can’t stay in one place for too long.

-very well said Babe-

(a blinding light flashes and Babe closes his eyes)

To Be Continued

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