(weeks later)

Maki:ok Andre it seems you have the fighting down now let’s see if you can learn how to use one of my moves.

Andre:and that would be?

(Maki holds his hand out and creates a massive amount of energy in his hand)


Maki:first focus your energy into your hand.


(Andre manages to focus the energy into his hand)

Andre:ok this isn’t really a special move.

Maki:I’m not done, now place your left hand over the energy in your right.


Maki:now use the energy in your left hand and make it in sync with the right hands energy.

Andre:…Rrgh!! AHH!!!

(Andre creates a massive explosion)

Maki:*cough* Damn, I guess he still needs to learn about fully controlling his energy, huh?

(he looks over to see Andre laying on the ground with both his hands a little burnt)

Maki:…maybe it’s too much for him to handle but with the right amount of time in training he could probably master the technique.

Mysterious voice:your probably right.

Maki:What are you doing here?

(a mysterious boy jumps down from the ceiling)

Young boy:is this him?


Young boy:…his friend is looking for him now.

Maki:which one?

Young boy:the one from the Earth kingdom.

Maki:well where’s the other one?

Young boy:she’s probably at the hands of Chi by now.

Maki:…damn, then what should we do about it? He’s not going to be happy once he finds that out.

Young boy:Maki he’s not ready to take on any of the dangers that await him or his friends for right now I think you should train him for a while so he can be as advance as he can be in combat, energy control and his darkness.


Young boy:yes I can feel it in him it’s very faint but it’ll grow and grow if he trains long enough he should be able to control everything.

Maki:…I understand but what about you? How long do you think you can stay a rogue?

Young boy:I have to stay a rogue and wait for the right time or else I’ll never become king in the dark kingdom.

Maki:…I just hope you know what you’re doing.

Young boy:I can’t fail I’ve gotten too far now.

Maki:how long do you think the training will take?

Young boy:well we don’t have too much time before Chi and the others are ready, the shortest time we have is one year you two should start at the earliest as possible.

Maki:ok we’ll start tomorrow then.

Young boy:ok that’s perfect in the meantime I will look after your kingdom while you two are away.

Maki:are you sure?

Young boy:yes.

Maki:…ok I’d better get him to the medical room.

To Be Continued