Andre:what the hell was that crazy broad doing back there?

Sheena:I don’t know it sure was weird come on let’s just hurry back so we can report back to Maki.



Maki:so did it go well?

Andre:No! that damn king or princess or whatever she is a psycho, she almost killed Sheena and me.

Sheena:it’s true.

Maki:Heheh Aoi huh? She’s ok once you get to know her.

Andre:Ugh, if that’s the way she acts then I don’t want to know her.

Maki:whatever, so Andre are you ready for more training?

Andre:yeah, Sheena what are you going to do?

Sheena:I guess I’ll just go out and do some training of my own.

Maki:would you like to stay with us?

Sheena:no, that’s ok I don’t want to slow you or Andre down.

Maki:you won’t.

Sheena: no I’m sure.

Andre:ok, see you again?

Sheena:of course, see ya.

Maki:well looks like the mission made you two become friends that’s good.

Andre:yeah I just wish I ain’t a ass out of myself when I first met her.

Maki:well it’s fine now.

Andre:I guess so, so anyway what’s on the agenda for today?

Maki:I’m going to teach you hand to hand combat.

Andre:I can fight just fine.



Maki:I’m sure you can’t.

Andre:but I can.

Maki:ok then block this.


(Maki trips Andre and he falls)

Andre:Uh! What the hell?

Maki:…you couldn’t even block that.

Andre:Ok fine teach me then.

To Be Continued

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