Andre:…Ahhh how much longer?

Sheena:it’s not to far shut up.

Andre:…huh A creek?

Sheena:we’re almost there, keep moving.

Andre:Rrgh. (I haven’t been to polite when I first met her, maybe I should be nicer) so uh, how do you know you’re way around here? You must’ve been here awhile.

Sheena:what are you expecting us to be friends all of a sudden? Forget it.

Andre: Ok, ok look my bad for how I acted before, I don’t know why I acted like that but that’s not who I am and it’s ok if you don’t talk to me but I just wanted to apologize to you that’s all.

Sheena:…well next time try thinking before you speak ok?

Andre:I will.

Sheena:well we’re almost at the water kingdom’s border.


(The two arrive at the water kingdom)

Andre:Whoa, this place is incredible a kingdom surrounded by water.

Sheena:yeah this place is really beautiful right?

Andre:yeah, oh we gotta find the king right?

Sheena:yeah, let’s go.

(Andre and Sheena make their way to the palace where two guards block their way)

Guard 1:Halt!

Andre:what are you doing let us in.

Guard 2:state your business.

Sheena:we’re here to give your king this message.

Guard 1:are you fighters from the sky kingdom?

Andre:yeah gotta message from Maki.

Guard 1:…ok then you may pass.

Andre:Ugh, damn suite tights.

(Andre and Sheena go in where the king of the water kingdom awaits them)

Sheena:huh? where’s the king? Is he even here?

Andre:*sigh* this is just great.

(someone jumps on Andre’s back and he falls to the ground)

Mystery attacker:who the hell are you? And why are you here?



(the attacker pulls out a kunai and holds it up to Sheena’s neck)


Mystery attacker:Hmp what are you doing here?

Andre:you crazy bi-we’re here to give the king a message.

Mysterious attacker:oh that’s me, Maki sent you right? Then no harm done.

(she let’s go of Sheena)


Aoi:I’m the water kingdom’s king Aoi.

Andre and Sheena:…………..

Aoi:tell Maki I said thanks, this message is very important.

Andre:…yeah whatever you crazy bi-

Aoi:what was that?

Andre:…I have a bad itch.

Aoi:watch yourself kid.


To Be Continued

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