(Maki takes Andre to a inn)

Maki:this is where you’ll be staying Andre.

Andre:…this place is incredible it’s just like Earth with the buildings and all.

Maki:well yeah what did you expect ruin, fire and destrction?

Andre:no, no! I mean…never mind.

Maki:don’t worry about it I know what you mean, remember to come to the palace for your assignment tomorrow.

Andre:ok I will.

(later in an unknown location a reflection pool is holding a hologram of Andre and Maki talking)

Unknown figure 1:TCH, that little runt made it of this world after all, who’d a thought it?

Unknown figure 2:yeah, but still he’s just a beginner what could he do? We can take him out right now without even trying.

Unknown figure 3:Hmp, don’t forget he’s the son of Amayo and that calm and collected king there could be more to him than we know.

Unknown figure 4:Enough! It doesn’t matter who he is or what his power is we need him along with the others if we want to fulfill our plans.

(the others are in silence)

Unknown figure 4:I just wonder can they overcome what will befall of them or will it just destroy them? Heh ether way their helping us move forward toward our goal.

(the next day, Andre arrives at the palace where Maki awaits him)

Maki:…hey Andre right on time.

Andre:ok what’s my assignment?

Maki:alright I need you to go over to the water kingdom not too far from here and give a message to the king there for me.

(Maki hands Andre a message)

Andre:ok I’ll deliver it at once.

Maki:whoa, whoa hold on a second.


Maki:I’m sending you with a partner.

Andre:…a partner? Thanks but I can handle it.

Maki:I don’t think so, besides you don’t even know where the water kingdom is.

Andre:…Uh, fine.

Maki:alright Andre this is your partner Sheena.

Sheena:hi Andre it’s nice to meet you.

Andre:…can we go now?


Maki:Ugh Andre don’t act that way seriously.

Andre:…so instead of actual solders you give me her.

Sheena:WHA-what’s wrong with me?

Andre:nothing at all there miss nothing at all.

Maki:Andre give her some credit she’s a skilled warrior and a ninja.


Sheena:*sigh* let’s just get this over with.

(Andre and Sheena head out for their mission)

Maki:…I see he has your attitude.

To Be Continued

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