Maki:ok Andre, you're first session is to learn of your element energy.

Andre:ok, what is it?

Maki:Element energy is a mixture of the energy present in every cell of the body and the spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience, element energy is in everyday life like planets and stuff of that nature. Only those of element descent can use this power.

Andre:right.I think I understand.

Maki:alright well then, I’ve explained to you what it is so now let’s see if you know how to use it.

Andre:sure thing! but how?

Maki:step 1, concentrate.


Maki:try to feel it inside of your body.


(a blue aura flashes surrounding Andre’s body)

Maki:h-hey you got it.

Andre:huh? What is this?

Maki:there you see? That’s your element energy, but you surprise me usually beginners aren’t able to tap into their potential that quickly it usually takes weeks or months, maybe your something special.

Andre:it wasn’t hard, anyone could do it, I’m sure I’m not special.

Maki:Aw come on don’t be that way, we could use as much people like you as possible. Now we’ve learned about your energy and how to summon it, I guess now we learn how to use it and transform it into attacks and stuff like that.


Maki:gather your energy back.

Andre:ok, Mmm.

(the blue aura surrounds Andre’s body)

Maki:ok good, now try to focus that energy into your hand.


(his hand becomes lit with the energy)


Maki:Wow, you really are a natural at this. well that’s all there’s for me to teach you for now. Ok Andre you can go rest and prepare for tomorrow, you’ll be given your first assignment.



Andre:…ok, but where do I go?

Maki:oh right your still new here, come on I’ll show you where you’ll be staying.

To Be Continued

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