Saori:there’s a chance you’re friends didn’t make it.


Saori:however there’s still a chance.


Saori:Andre, if you can tap into you’re hidden potential and become an apprentice you could have more of a chance to find you’re lost friends, there’s still time if you act now.


Saori:… Andre:right now I have no idea of what’s going on but right now I’ll do whatever I need to, to make sure they’re ok.

Saori:well alright then you’re on.


Saori:what now Kyo?

Kyo:it’s nothing it’s just that you talk like such a little kid.


Kyo:Oh nothing. Andre it’s about time to go see the king now.


(Kyo, Andre and Saori walk toward the palace and head into the palace then make their way to the throne room)

Kyo:we have brought him master Maki.

Saori:sorry for the delay.

(they bow to their king)

Andre:Hm?...hey there.


(Kyo grabs Andre’s head and buts him down in a bowing position)

Maki:…at last, one of the chosen. Saori, Kyo you are dismissed thank you.

(they get up and walk out the room, Maki gets off his throne and walks down toward Andre)

Maki:you’re element energy isn’t half bad.

Andre:element energy?

Maki:those of element warrior decent have element energy.

Andre:and I’m one of them.

Maki:well of course that’s why you’re here, I have summoned you personally.


Maki:Heheh, I’ll tell you some other time, right now we need to start planning out your training plans-

Andre:…do you think if I go through with this I can find my friends?

Maki:of course, with the things you’ll learn when you’re done all this you and you’re friends will never be put in the same danger again.


Maki:yes because you’ll be able to protect them.

Andre:…yeah. It’s not just them really I don’t want people on Earth just dying for nothing.

Maki:it won’t, but first we have a dark kingdom king so the darkness can stop causing destruction on Earth. But for now let’s focus on your training Andre.


To Be Continued

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