(that same night, outside of a palace wall) Andre:ZZzz…uh huh? where?

Kyo:Sorry about that, but I had to do it because you weren’t going to listen to me.

Andre:…what are you talking about! what’s going on here?

Kyo:*sigh* ok you know the dark vortex that attacked your home?

Andre:yeah, it came out of nowhere.

Kyo:well it was caused by an army of creatures known as unbirths.


Kyo:yeah, creatures that are never were and yet they still are.

Andre:well not sure I understand but.

(Andre gets up)

Andre:I gotta go and find my friends now.

(he walks off)

Kyo:Hmp, you know you’re not still on Earth right?

(Andre stops and turns to Kyo)


Kyo:you are no longer on Earth but a place similar.

Andre:well then where am I?

Kyo:the element world.

Andre:element world?

Kyo:So many questions.

take your time with him Kyo, he just arrived after all.

Kyo:Ugh, Saori.

(a girl jump down from the palace wall)

Saori:you never had patience did you?

Kyo:*sigh* then you explain it to him.

Saori:ok, hello I’m Saori it’s nice to meet you Andre.

Andre:it’s good to see you too Saori.

Saori:now Andre, you’ve been summoned in the element world. What is the element world you might ask, the element world is a world where Earth’s elements keeps its balance. The world’s elements are set for sky, Earth, water, fire, light and darkness it’s because of the element world these elements co-exists together the way they do. And for each kingdom theirs a king, the king is the strongest person in their element unit, like sky kingdom, dark kingdom, water kingdom etc and there are the people who serve the king there are different levels of these type of people there’s apprentice, fighter, gladiator and warrior that’s where we come in Andre.

Andre:so this place is the element world right? And it keeps track of the world and keep it in order.


Andre:then why was the dark vortex wrecking havoc?

Saori:The dark king is missing that’s why, if their isn’t someone to fill his place then the darkness will go out of control. That’s why you were summoned Andre, along with a few others, to have your role to protect Earth from anything that can harm it.

Andre:look I’d really like to help but right now I have to look for my friends, their waiting for me.

Saori:…there’s a chance they haven’t made it.

To Be Continued

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