(someone knocks on the door)

Maki:come in.

(a girl comes in the room)

Amayo:hey Maki, long time no see.

Maki:Ah! you're home, it's been years how's it been on Earth?



(Maki sees someone hiding behind Amayo leg)

Maki:hey Amayo who's that behind your leg?

Amayo:hey, Andre come out.


(he pokes his head out to look at Maki)


(he hides back behind Amayo's leg)

Maki:hey Amayo,i-is that...




(Amayo pulls Andre from behind her leg)


(Maki gets up and walks toward Andre)

Maki:hey, come here buddy.

(Andre slowly walks up to him)

Maki:well aren't you something, looks just like his father.



Amayo:...Oh, anyway Maki I was wondering if I could show him around the element world.

Maki:Of course.


Maki:take care you two.


Andre:hey mom, do you live here?

Amayo:yeah, born and raised.

Andre:then why were you on Earth?

Amayo:well, I wanted to get away y'know, there's so much going on here and I thought I should birth my only son on Earth where it's peaceful but now that all the trouble here is gone it's ok now. Sometimes things here can get a little out of hand with people trying to take over the element world and I couldn't go through all of that with you.


Amayo:it should be ok now, I want you to grow up to be a fine fighter someday to protect Earth and everyone in it, that's going to be you're job when you grow older and become an apprentice.

Andre:...uh ok.

Amayo:come on,I'll show you where we'll be staying.

To Be Continued

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