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Casshern as he will appear in Hikari ochiru III



The protagonist of the series. In this latest incarnation, he was originally a subordinate of Braiking Boss and the strongest warrior in his robot army; with an advanced cybernetic body and quick reflexes, he can destroy any opponent he comes across. Casshern was ordered by Braiking Boss to assassinate Luna. However, this act triggered a cataclysmic event and he disappeared. Returning hundreds of years later with no memory of who he was, he somehow holds the ability to painfully regenerate from any injury, and goes violently berserk when incited.

While he travels to discover what has happened, and to redeem himself, he encounters people who have been affected by the cataclysm, as well as many others who attempt to kill him, under the belief that devouring him will save them from ruination. Near the end of the anime, he was extremely saddened by the deaths of Lyuze and Oji. He decided to return to Luna once more and defeat the robots and Braiking Boss. He faced Luna and reminded her that she is salvation to the people who wants to find her, and he is death. Before he left to wander the world, he warns her that if she and her followers ever forget death, even once, he will come back.

Hikari ochiru IIIEdit

Cassern will make an appearance in Hikari ochiru III. He is said to have an important role.